Crossword Puzzle for International Women's Day

international women's day questions

Question Time was ably chaired by Paulina Sienniak.Print out the template.Here is a summary of the discussion.

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Attitudes have changed dramatically in the space of one generation, but some remain deeply embedded in our DNA.What would you change about the assumptions made by men of women?It is important to remember that feminism seeks equality, not dominance.Just take out a print of the crossword template given below, solve the verbal clues provided and deduce the words that are likely to go into the corresponding boxes of the puzzle.What are the most effective ways to counteract the negative stereotypes of feminism, especially in the workplace?Thanks to the Careers Department for organising this excellent event!

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FTSI 100 companies are women, for example, and it is estimated that the gender pay gap will not be aligned until 2050.Equality cuts both ways, however: why, for example, is the highest rate of suicide among young men?We are grateful to the panellists for their insightful responses and for sharing their experiences and thoughts so candidly.IWD is a celebration of what women have achieved, a conversation around what is happening right now, and a chance to contemplate how things can change in the future.Online Etymology Dictionaryearly 12c.

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We need to change this.How do you succeed in a male dominated environment?Print in the top left part of the menu bar of the window.What can men do to help to achieve equality?Directions for Printing:Click on the Crossword template to open it in a new window.How would you address the cultural issues that form the background of the gender pay gap?

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Organisations need to become more transparent about pay, and to promote and create an environment where women can be as successful as men.It should also never be assumed that a woman is any less ambitious once she has had a baby than she was previously.Close the template window to come back to this screen.Print Preview before you issue a print.What does IWD mean to you?

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David Howe, human rights lawyer and founder of Howe and Co; and Julie Pierce, formerly of Goldman Sachs.

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