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This is far from true.ICT, boards and senior managementof private ICT companies, etc.Beijing Platform for Action, Section J, have been realized and which still need attention.Asia andthe Pacific.

As a result, the group succeeded in convincing the Supreme Court to establish sexual harassmentguidelines in the workplace and brought the issue within the purview of human rights violations.Pacific regional training workshop, with strong support from UNESCAP,is one model that integrated a gender perspective into their training approach.The large and growing presence of pornography on the Internet has been used to argue for the need tocensor online content by technologically filtering these and tracking down creators and clients ofpornographic websites.Internet access device uses free software and features a smartcard that could provide a whole village with separate personal accounts on one machine.Radio educational programmes that are conducted in a serieswith little repetition tends to favour learning for men and boys, as women and girls often cannot followa radio programme diligently enough due to their multiple gender roles and responsibilities ofreproductive, productive and community.For example, DatamationFoundation has initiated a campaign against members of the medical community indulging in selectivesex determination tests in India as well as against the selective abortion of female foetuses in contraventionof the law and natural justice.Mitra Mandalneeds is marketing.

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Another unanticipateddifficulty was the inability of the trainees to find stable employment.The Simputer, being developed for the rural poor by Ashok Jhunjhumwala and Vijay Chandru at theIndian Institute of Science, has attracted a great deal of interest and support.Mitra Mandal endeavour, the poor response of the labour market to the trainees hasbeen a disappointing experience.Men still get out of doing the housework, andwomen find themselves with dual or triple burdens.While many countries in Asia scramble for strategies to attract international telework that is currentlyglobally distributed, women too are looking towards these new opportunities to work from the home, intrying to balance their multiple gender roles and responsibilities at the household, in work, and in thelarger society.There are commendable efforts at the grass roots to provide equitable access to ICT for women and girlsand minority groups.

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Such a mandateis a strong counter to claims that equality between women and men should be made relative to cultureand tradition.Education, training and skill development are critical to ICT interventions.Particularly, where computer labs are just placed inschools without further monitoring as to how these are accessed by girls and boys, the tendency is forboys to rush for the computers, while girls do not.ICTs thereforein developing countries.Innovative experimental measuressuch as those in India that seek to provide ICT access even though there are no telephones or electricityin the area is worthy of mention.

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While the system provides women with the possibility of managing their homes and earning a living,there is a danger that their contributions to society will remain invisible.The NRS computercentres not only provide job training, but have also allowed NRS to establish an online complaint system for solving dowry and family dispute issues.However, it isclearly not.In Hong Kong SAR, while a growing number ofhouseholds have computers, it was found that many women are only allowed to touch the computer toclean it.For women, affordability of the technology is a key factor to their access.

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From this perspective, the move towards digitization of government services may be further marginalizing women.Designing development strategies on technologyconsiderations alone does not work.Sri Lanka with Internet and computer technology.This IT trainingprogramme is part of the strategy to enable women who are dowry victims and have a history ofharassment and exploitation, to find employment and economic independence.The equipment is taken to the panchayat level for the dissemination of information about the site.Some experiences on the ground do point to the fact that availability of computers alone does notensure equitable access to both women and men.Governments are seriously looking at national policies to enable teleworking on a largerscale.

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If the benefits of IT have to trickledown to poor women, the larger institutional framework of the IT industry has to make spaces forthe poor in general, and poor women in particular.ICT in development also tell us that the likely impact ofproject intervention on women and men is often assumed to be equally the same for both.Ministry of Women and FamilyDevelopment.Thepreservation of traditional forms of communication and new IT are not mutually exclusive.Andhra Pradesh, India, using packet switchingto route Internet data and telephone calls through the spare capacity of railroad cables to areas presentlywithout telephone service.ICTs meaning not only technologybut also information and knowledge, while control refers to the power to decide how ICTs are used, andwho has access to them.Radio, television, embedded chips, and links betweenold and new technologies or the combined usage of these are important tools in reaching poor peoplein developing countries.

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Given that women in Asia continue to fulfil traditional gender roles, promoting teleworking for women should be done with fullrecognition that it will not fully challenge gender issues and concerns in relation to work and family.Under the leadership of Vandana Sharma, NRS established a small computer education centreand volunteers have trained 250 young women, many of them with a history of oppression, in basiccomputer literacy as well as office software such as Excel, Word, and Power Point.In education, at the primary and secondary levels, radio and television are an increasingly importantmeans of reaching the rural poor.Plans to sensitize people from rural areas on sexselectiveabortions include the use of Internet radio and Internet video.ICTs relevant to local communities everywhere.Thewomen that SITA caters to, have to do work at home even if they work outside with very littlesupport from the men in their households.Nanhi Kali, NRS, Nari Dakshata Samiti etc.

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If women are to benefitfrom ICT interventions, integrating the perspectives and concerns of women is one of the importanttasks to be undertaken.The website not only covers theregulatory aspects, but also includes a complaint lodging process.Training in the use of ICTs by knowledgeable trainers is a serious shortcoming.CEDAW Convention comes in.In December 2000, Yahoo created an online store devoted to selling pornographic videos and DVDs.Dagron, Making Waves, pp.Experiences allow us to implement affirmative measures for women, and non males, in an efficient and respectful manner.

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With the lack of confidence that comes from social and economicdeprivation, marketing became a problem for those trained.SITA hasdemonstrated that this is inapplicable for most persons from a disadvantaged background,particularly women.Some of the programmes designed for women and girls go a step further in the provision of ICT literacyand actual training, and not just access.State provide protection and to curtail such use without fully realizing the sociopoliticalleverage that the common person can wield through the Internet.GEM is a guide to integrate a gender analysisinto evaluations of initiatives that use ICTs for social change.Justa few months later, after receiving over 100, 000 emails from Internet users, Yahoo decided to remove the portion of its website thatsold pornography and to stop accepting advertisements from pornographic websites.

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Pilot projects have been put in place in Mongolia as well as inChennai, India, and elsewhere using wireless radio modems for transmission of Internet data to remote,sparsely populated areas where there are no landline telephones.The Kothmale FM radio station in Sri Lanka54 combines traditional communityradio serving a poor and isolated rural area of Sri Lanka with Internet and computer technology.The radio station adds value to the information by interpreting it into a local context, by broadcasting itin vernacular languages, and by providing a platform for feedback through local discussion and networksof local correspondents.Outside of urban areas, women in developing countries are far less likely to come into contact with ICTsand tend not to perceive a need for them.Women are found in disproportionately high numbersin the lowest paid and least secure jobs.

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The timing of when these programmes are held should alsobe a consideration.Hole in the Wall Project in India installed a computer screen and keypad with an activeInternet connection into the wall of a slum or school in three different pilot sites.They can allow the opinions of the poor and the needs of the poor to be heard.This may be particularly true for cases of abuse within the home and violence against women issues.The inability of a majority of women to find jobs shows thatgood education by itself does not serve the needs of the individuals from the disadvantagedsector, since only a handful of the 500 women trained by SITA have jobs.

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The use of ICTs for pornography and sexual exploitation is another critical dimension of content that canprovoke controversial debates around issues of Internet censorship.The developersfeel that the availability of the device will spur content development in local languages, a necessity ifmore women are to be able to access information that addresses their needs.Administrationof Registration Department functioning in Andhra Pradesh, India since 1998.Everyone in Mitra Mandal was trained in IT, but there was no componentdeveloped to market the training.Therefore the notion those ICTs can be a vehicle for making government services and public participation more widespread is flawed by the simple fact that men and women have different user patterns.However, training initiatives per se, notlinked to the employment market, come with stumbling blocks.

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In some places, this is due to a lack of telephones, electricityand infrastructure.The concept also extends to written documents.Online content development and language used facilitate knowledge sharing.For areas where there is no electricity, the Pondicherry project in India combines power supply from thegrid with battery backup and solar power.Mitra Mandal is, however, finding it difficult toperform as envisioned.Privacy, security and Internet rights are other important thematic areas for women.The Times of India, 8 August 2000.

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The complaints are retrieved into a database format at Datamation, from where they are handed over tothe competent authority for further action at their end.Wherever possible, trainees were also attached to a potential employer.However, before the potential of ICTs to do this can be fully achieved,there are already efforts to curb the use of ICTs in this respect.Localknowledge in applying ICT in development has been quite an untapped potential.GPL is used by programmers who want to give others the right to copy and modify the source code oftheir programs.

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The training was purposefully designed to have women ICT practitioners lead in the trainingas well as the development of the training modules.The developerspreservation of traditional forms of communication and new IT are not mutually exclusive.This process protects the identity ofthe complainant as well as provides an effective vehicle for the booking of doctors, maternity homes,ultrasound and radiology clinics.SITA experienced a financial crisis in the year 2001, after infoDev support ended.One ofthe reasons for this is the part that ICTs can play in amplifying the voices of the poor.

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In suchprogrammes, however, it is important to see if existing patterns of gendered division of labour obstructsaccess to learning for women and girls.Through a hiddencamera, women monitored who accessed these Holes in the Wall and how.UNESCO, the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and the Media, the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation,and the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.NGO Sakashi had faced difficulties in lobbying for sexualharassment legislation.This rich cultural and creative environment strengthened.Depending on extent of political freedoms in a country context, thesenew legislations and regulations can have serious implications for human rights defenders.

However, such policies must not only consider the practical gender needs of women, but theirstrategic gender interests.Women from two geographical regions, the Union Territory of Delhiand the adjacent state of Haryana, were targeted by this project.WomenWatch and facilitated by Women Action 2000 during November and December 1999.Journal of Distance Education, Vol.In other words, gender issues appear quite prominent in thesituation analysis, but gradually fade away as the text progress towards goals, intervention strategiesand objectives.The point where the plan fades away is a crucialpoint, not only for project reformulation, but for further analysis as to what it really takes to addressgender and ICT issues.An ongoing mentoring and training system has also been established toensure the necessary support towards new employees.

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They also include the passage ofICT legislation that can threaten human rights.Illiteracy rates for women indeveloping countries are far higher than men.For the most part, womenhave little or no previous experience with technology, and many feel confused when confronted withthe sudden appearance of computers and the Internet.If successful, it would provide connectivity at rates below those of any otheroption.This proved wrong the premise that an effective ITtraining for jobs was enough to enable individuals to find jobs and build their own future.

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Latin alphabets, graphic interfaces for illiterate women and automatictranslation software.ICT practitioners in understandingand applying a gender analysis to their work.This affects the expansibility and proliferation of knowledge since access and useis limited.The Datamation Foundation case in India has proved that economically disadvantaged womendo certainly possess the capabilities to qualify on the job.WomenWatch and facilitated by Women Action 2000 during November and December 1999.Rapid progress is also being madecard that could provide a whole village with separate personal accounts on one machine.

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However, looking at the current advocacies around the globe ongender in the area of ICT, one will find that the call for equality and equity is persistent and, sadly,consistently ignored to a large extent.The story of SITA elucidates the need for amore proactive policy in public and private institutions towards induction and mentoring of sociallydisadvantaged women.That is, they got jobs butfailed to keep them for various reasons.Similar community radio connections to the Internet are foundin Bolivia.Rapid progress is also being madetowards the availability of inexpensive Internet access devices that could be installed for public access.ICTs thereforedo not have to be just computers and the Internet.Furthermore, the SITA experience has shown that giving these women ITtraining alone may do more harm than good as it breeds frustration through unfulfilledexpectations that end up by adding to the alienation and disillusionment.

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Addressing gender equality means challenging existing social institutions and power dynamics, andtherefore explicitly demands the conscious identification and implementation of affirmative measuresfor women.

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