Ladies Day 2021 Epsom Date

ladies day 2021 epsom date

Is the price point what automatically sets apart what is superior and what is inferior?AuthWow it has been a long while since my last review.The pearling on the front plates match.The feet hardware are also handles look really good and not pulled too thin.If it meets or goes over the stitches it would probably be a slight call out.

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It was extremely hard finding a great quality epsom.The depth of the sangle is slightly thicker from the thicker glazing.He was able to message back in English with no problem.What is low, mid, or high tier?The bag came double boxed and the inner box had the bag wrapped tightly in bubble wrap.It also falls about one inch shorter than the auth.These days I simply show them the bag I want, ask them how they ship, and the form of payment they take.

ladies day 2021 epsom date

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The piping is the area where the bag corners meet.The clochette itself is a tad thicker on the side compared to the auth, but matches in size.The front logo is a bit fuzzy in pics but seems fine in person.The width is the same.This is a solid rep.One thing I noticed across the board is that price does not necessarily reflect or guarantee quality.The weight comes in almost exact.

ladies day 2021 epsom date

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JJ that was suppose to be imported exotic leather.He is definitely the opposite of dd.The hardware has no tarnish and looks clean and smooth.The sangle attachments on the back are also more rounded at the tip than the auth.As for the interior date stamp itself it matches exactly to my auth year date stamp.The minor details are on the sangles and clochette.

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The gold hardware color matches my gold hardware auths.These days I term my h rep bags as bad, good, or great.The lock is weighty and matches the auth.Everything looks hammered and seems to be accurate compared to the auth.This bag is glorious.

ladies day 2021 epsom date

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There was no fufu smell.The handles stand on the same height as my auth.Rachel herself is another headache.And is one of the most important details.You choose to believe what you want to believe especially at the price point you paid.Do you even know for a fact that even after showing you a Haas pic that your bag was truly made from that particular leather?

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Stevens year stamp is superb for 2021 bags.Everything about this bag is near perfection.This is an older bag from the H candy line, and the date should have been stamped on the sangle not the interior like the new bags which would make this a fantasy bag.As you can see from pics, the measurements and dimensions are accurate.The height is the same.

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But with the pandemic and with my shipping agents being way too busy I decided to check out sellers that shipped direct to the states.You see how the leather piece goes straight up and tapers off at the highest point.The sangles, and handles all sit at the same level and height.This pertains to the backing of the bag.And at a good price point.January 2021 and received it February 15.

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It looks exact to my auth in the roundedness.The turnlock is super smooth and weighty.For that reason alone I still will not purchase a Symode ever again as it still holds true to what I said about their bags.The depth is the same.Both bags use the saddle stitch method and it is prominent on the rep.With my naked eye the rep and the auth match in dimensions extremely well.

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Steven was a delight to work with.Hermes Birkin 30 Epsom leather: Non TS Steven vs.The date stamp is where Steven messed up here.Hermes boutique with a new B and less than 12 months later, this is what happened to my pins.The reps glazing matches in thickness, length and width wise to the auth.

Then I pay and I wait.The logo also seems to be sitting a bit higher than the sangle hardware logo is accurate.And I mean EXACT!Simply put, the bad is most likely made out of pleather and has the majority of details wrong.The pins are also slightly bigger than the auth.The pearling on the sangles are a tad bigger than the auth.The dustbag was also flipped inside out.

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The bag came in its original shape and nothing was squeezed or smushed.Is high tier the feel of a Ub, Symode, or Minion bag because it simply feels and smells more luxe?The sangles match up to the auth in length and width.The keys are accurate too.Stitches on the handle look accurate.If you love sy you love sy.

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There was no brand box as I never requested one anyways.Some reps leave too much exposed leather on the sangle plate or the curve is too rounded.The feel of the turn is exact to my auths.Glazing color is smooth and consistent.Ok enough about the sellers I like and dislike as I know everyone has differing opinions.

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